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About Us

The Australian Leadership Skills Centre specialises in leadership and management training, coaching, and qualifications.  Our collective expertise includes leadership, strategy, management, team work, emotional intelligence, organisational capacity building, government or organisational reform, transformation, ethical conduct, communication, managing conflict, project management, time management, and other management and leadership skills.  

Our History

Originating as Paradigm Infinitum, we have been training, consulting and contracting since 2003.  Paradigm Infinitum specialises in consulting and problem solving while the Australian Leadership Skills Centre is the dedicated leadership skills arm. Whilst there is a distinction between the two halves, our clients and partners are able to work seamlessly across both.


Since 2003 we have forged a reputation for exceptional training and development, focused on practical outcomes and meaningful learning for participants.  The Australian Leadership Skills Centre continues to embody our commitment to leadership training, coaching and development.  For more about Paradigm Infinitum, please visit the Paradigm Infinitum website at 


From left to right: Chairing a discussion panel with the Australian Foreign Minister; MCing and announcing the Badminton Draw for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games; Hosting the Finland's 100th Anniversary Event at Queensland Parliament with special guest the Finnish Ambassador; our GM representing Australia at the Australia-ASEAN Emerging Leaders Programme at the Asia Pacific Roundtable in KL. 

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Our Philosophy

Training is delivered by our professional consultants who have extensive experience and qualifications in adult and vocational education, and real-world experience in senior leadership roles in Australia and internationally. We engage with numerous leaders from across business, diplomacy, military, industry, public service, NGOs, media, academia, community, the arts and many others.  We have hosted national leaders and international leaders including Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers, Leaders of Parliament, ambassadors and high commissioners, corporate heads, heads of think tanks, media heads and more. 

Our Accreditations

Australian Leadership Skills Centre is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO no. 32156), accredited to provide Australian recognised qualifications.

Our facilitators have multiple accreditations that provide extra depth and support to your training and development projects including:

  • Team Management System (TMS) Work Preference Profiling, one of the leading personality profiling tools for the workplace

  • TMS Linking Skills Profiling (360 degree feedback)

  • Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Testing (MSCEIT), developed by the founders of the concept of emotional intelligence, Mayer and Salovey. 

Australian Leadership Skills Centre is a Local Buy Pre-Qualified Supplier for Human Resources and Employee Services.

Click here for more information about our accreditations.

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Our facilitators are well qualified, highly experienced and committed to leadership education. 

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