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Team Management Profiling


One Day Workshop

Team Management Profiling (TMP)


Team Management System (TMS) Team Management Profiling (TMP) (previously known as Work Preference Profiling) is one of the world’s leading psychometric profiling tools for personal, team and leadership development. TMP is an ideal tool to assist in developing self-awareness and promoting personal development and growth, as well as developing communication and team work skills and awareness.

This highly interactive workshop will introduce participants to Team Management System profiling, arguably the most rigorous personal profiling tool currently available that has been used in over 160 countries around the world. Participants will discover their own work preferences and develop personal insight into how they can best contribute to team building and team harmony in the workplace.

With a good understanding of Emotional Intelligence, individuals can benefit personally and professionally as they improve their skills, self-awareness, communication, and relationships. Organisations can benefit from increased levels of morale, better relationships in the workplace, better understanding of values and alignment, and clearer and more nuanced communication. 

Some of the topics in this short course include:

  • Introduction to TMP Work Preference Wheel

  • Self-Discovery 

  • Leveraging Work Preferences

  • Team Building and Team Harmony 

Although this is a stand alone course that can be attended by individuals, it is also an ideal course for teams to develop their understanding, communication and relationships with those they work with.

Please email or call for more information about the Team Management Profiling Workshop. 

Course Overview

  • Team Management Profiling

  • Duration: One day workshop

  • Description: An interactive introduction to Team Management Profiling.


Who should attend?

  • Staff at all levels,

  • Teams,

  • Those wishing to improve their self-awareness. 


  • The workshop provides the opportunity for participants to be involved in a group debrief of the Team Management Profile (TMP).

  • Through the debrief, participants develop a higher sense of self-awareness, and awareness of others.

  • Communication and interpersonal relationships are improved through this awareness.

  • Better self-awareness and better communication can lead to improvements in many areas including morale, values, leadership, interaction, communication, conflict management, negotiation, and empathy.

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