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Strategic Focus

To be effective, leaders need to think and act strategically. Strategy is a key focus area of the Australian Leadership Skills Centre.  A strategic mindset helps the leader to transcend the day to day routine tasks and apply themselves to the medium and long term needs of their organisation and the market.  

Team Meeting

2 Day Workshop

This a 'hands on' workshop, which uses the strategic planning process to help teams build shared knowledge and shared direction, and also understand more fully the strategic needs of the organisation. 

Outdoors Meeting

2 Day Workshop

This two day course covers many nuances of negotiation and stakeholder engagement that are often overlooked.  This workshop examines the role of the leader in negotiation, conflict management and stakeholder engagement.

Chess Game

1 Day Short Course

This workshop gives participants a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of strategic management and the strategy cycle, which provides the participant with a practical framework for the development of strategic thinking skills. 


5 Day Intensive Programme

The LEAD Programme focuses on leadership and strategic thinking, and is designed to develop the capacity of leaders in a broad range of essential leadership skills and knowledge, including strategy.

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