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The Self- Directed Leader


Two Day Programme

Self-Leadership, Self-Awareness, Self-Development

The Self-Directed Leader Programme


Leadership and self-leadership are universally important throughout all parts of the organisation and for all staff members. The Self-Directed Leader Programme recognises that leadership is for everyone, and thus has been designed for all - from managers, leaders, mentors and influencers, to team members and all staff at every level of the organisation. The focus of this programme is self-development, self-awareness and self-leadership.  The programme develops resilience, self-management and motivation of individual participants, and helps individuals harness their own leadership potential and enhance these in their interactions with others.  

While the focus is on the self, the programme is also perfectly suited to be delivered to work teams or to teams and groups who regularly interact and collaborate as a team development programme.  Through a supportive group environment, it brings the team or group together, and develops an energised, motivated and positive culture in teams and organisations.

The underlying philosophy is that the understanding that self-awareness is the cornerstone of self-development.  Through self-awareness, we can develop our leadership, communication, conflict management, motivation and emotional intelligence skills.  Undertaking this process in a team environment enables team members to support each other in this activity, and also increases team members' own awareness and understanding of each other.

This programme has been developed to create a highly collaborative and exploratory environment for participants which allows individuals and teams to explore new perspectives and concepts in a supportive manner. The emphasis is on raising self awareness and enabling self development through self reflection, collaboration and sharing ideas.  

Session topics include:

  • Self-awareness and self-leadership

  • Team work

  • Managing upwards, laterally and downwards

  • Harnessing conflict

  • Beyond diversity

  • Self-leadership and difficult decisions

  • Communication and constructive feedback

  • Integration and application 


As with all Australian Leadership Skills Centre programmes, our offerings can be tailored to meet the skills needs of your organisation. Contact us to discuss the options available and creating a training programme to meet your organisational needs.

Please email or call for more information about the Self-Directed Leader Programme. 

Course Overview

  • The Self-Directed Leader Programme

  • Duration: Two Days 

  • Description: A development and self-awareness programme to facilitate dynamic self-leadership, communication and teamwork skills.

Who should attend?

  • All staff at all levels;

  • managers, leaders, supervisors;

  • influencers and mentors within the organisation;

  • teams or groups who collaborate.

Benefits of the Programme

  • The participant develops new skills to improve their own leadership, conflict management, communication, and motivation skills. 

  • Participants will become more self-directed and take responsibility for their own personal development, understand their peers and teammates better, and gain an appreciation of a broad range of leadership and management tools and paradigms.  

Learning tools and methodology

  • The programme is undertaken in a highly collaborative and exploratory environment, allowing individuals and teams to explore new perspectives and concepts in a supportive manner.

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