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One Day Short Course

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Effective Writing

Like all communication skills, written communication is a basic but crucial skill in modern organisations. Our reliance on electronic media means that more than ever, what we write will frame how others perceive us. With practice and thought, we can learn how to write quickly and effectively for multiple audiences and multiple communication medium.  

Communication skills can always be improved and sharpened, and this course will concentrate on improving on our written skills. In order to do this, we will go back to the basics of building meaning through words.  It will help you to rethink your approach to communicating and create a better understanding and awareness of the communication process.  

This one day workshop will concentrate on written communication skills and will include specific instruction on report writing and also electronic media. 

Participants will be immersed in practical activities that will cover the following topics:

  • Communicating meaning

  • Understanding different types of writing

  • Understanding your audience

  • Words, sentences, paragraphs – the building blocks of meaning

  • Structuring an argument

  • Basic report writing skills

  • Basic electronic media and email writing skills

  • Editing and proofreading

  • Bad writing and how to avoid it

Please email or call for more information about the Effective Writing Short Course. 

Course Overview

  • Effective Writing

  • Duration: One day Short Course

  • Description: A practical guide to effective writing for a range of workplace documentation and electronic communication media.

Who should attend?

  • This course is suitable for everyone in the workplace. For new and inexperienced staff, it will serve as a good introductory course. For experienced staff, it will be a good reset and refresher. 


  • Participants will develop better awareness of the communication process.

  • Participants will have an opportunity to re-evaluate their communication processes and to practice effective writing skills. 

  • Better communication habits and awareness will lead to improved confidence, better interpersonal relationships and less misunderstanding in the workplace.

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