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One Day Short Course

Advanced Emotional Intelligence


Advanced Emotional Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence is one of the most critically important skills for any leader or any professional.  It is a key determinant in success or failure.  Emotional Intelligence will help you navigate and adapt to the ever changing work environment, and also help you manage your communication, relationships, stress levels, emotions, and work life balance.  

Following on from our introductory Emotional Intelligence course, this one day course builds on participants' knowledge and skills, helping them to further develop their self-awareness and their emotional and empathy skills.  This course also provides participants' with the opportunity to undertake the Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT), a skills based testing system developed by two of the founders of the concept of Emotional Intelligence.  

Improving Emotional Intelligence can unlock a myriad of abilities and skills - communication, networking, stakeholder engagement, leadership, management, negotiation, and many others. It will have a particularly positive impact on interpersonal relations and communication.  For leaders and managers, Emotional Intelligence is an essential skill that will make their job a lot easier and improve their effectiveness at work.

Using the MSCEIT framework, participants will examine:

  • Perceiving Emotions 

  • Facilitating Emotions

  • Understanding Emotions

  • Managing Emotions

Participants should first complete our Emotional Intelligence course before beginning this Advanced Emotional Intelligence course. 

Please email or call for more information about Advanced Emotional Intelligence Short Course. 

Course Overview

  • Advanced Emotional Intelligence

  • Duration: One day Short Course

  • Description: Building on our previous Emotional Intelligence short course, this further develops the key skills and understanding of Emotional Intelligence and improves self-awareness and understanding.


Who should attend?

  • This course is suitable for everyone, but will be particularly useful for those are in a leadership position or aspire to be in a leadership position. 

Benefits of the Programme

  • Through the implementation of the MSCEIT, individuals are given a scientific insight into their own emotional intelligence.

  • The course can help individuals to actively examine and improve their application of emotional intelligence.

  • Improved emotional intelligence and self-awareness can lead to improvements in many areas including morale, values, leadership, interaction, communication, conflict management, negotiation, empathy.

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