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Two Day Workshop

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Strategic Workshop

Many organisations have strategies, or spend countless hours developing strategies. But, just because there is a strategy, it doesn't follow that it will work, or that everyone will follow it.  For a strategy to work, it needs to fit the organisation, address the circumstances ofthe organisation's environment, and be understood by the organisation's people and stakeholders. This is called 'strategic alignment' and is a key aspect of many successful organisations. 

The premise of this workshop is to engage and involve team members in the strategic planning process to help develop a cohesive strategy and achieve strategic alignment in the organisation. This a 'hands on' workshop, which uses the strategic planning process to help teams build shared knowledge and shared direction, and also understand more fully the strategic needs of the organisation. 


The topics covered are proposed by the organisation and the workshop is designed in conjunction with the facilitators. The facilitators lead the team through the planning process in a highly collaborative and supportive environment that provides the opportunity for all members of the team to be involved and shape the strategic direction of the team or organisation.  The Strategic Workshop format is also an excellent tool for realigning teams following change within organisations.  The workshop is preferably two or three days long. 

Some of the concepts tackled in this workshop include:   

  • License to Exist

  • Strategy and Structure

  • Mapping the strategic landscape

  • Strategic thinking and analysis

  • Application of strategic analysis tools

  • Strategic alignment and strategic choice

  • Implementation and review

  • Setting goals

All Australian Leadership Skills Centre training programmes can be tailored to meet the skills and training needs of your organisation. Contact us to discuss the options and possibilities. 

Please email or call for more information about the Strategic Workshop. 

Course Overview

  • Strategic Workshop

  • Duration: Two day Workshop

  • Description: A guided workshop for organisations and teams that uses the strategic planning process to build strategic alignment.

Who should attend?

  • This course is suitable for everyone, and is best conducted for teams or groups.

  • Teams or groups wishing to re-align their teams, or manage their strategic direction will find it particularly helpful.

  • It is also a helpful tool for teams and groups that are facing major changes in the organisation.


  • Participants will be guided in the strategic planning process.

  • Through the process, the team or group will develop a shared understanding of the strategic landscape the organisation faces, as well as the strategic direction and purpose of the organisation. 

  • The workshop will help improve the participants' understanding of strategic planning, align the team within the organisation and develop stronger teams.

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