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One Day Short Course

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Strategic Thinking


Strategic Thinking


Strategic thinking allows us to plan for the long term whilst still also focusing on short term realities, such as profit and productivity.  It is about striking a balance between the short and long terms. Developing strategic thinking skills and a 'strategic mindset' also helps us to ensure that we are headed in the right direction as the strategic environment around us is continually changing.  

This workshop gives participants a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of strategic management and the strategy cycle, which provides the participant with a practical framework for the development of strategic thinking skills. 

Some of the topics in this short course include:

  • Becoming a strategic thinker

  • Strategic analysis: tools and application

  • Understanding the strategic environment

  • Strategic choice and decision making

  • Decision making in high stress situations

  • Building a business case and communicating choice

Please email or call for more information about the Strategic Thinking Short Course. 

Course Overview

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Duration: One day Short Course

  • Description: A practical guide to developing strategic thinking skills and a strategic mindset.

Who should attend?

  • This course is suitable for everyone who would like to develop strategic analysis skills and an understanding of strategy.


  • Participants will develop a practical strategic analysis tool kit that can be applied to all situations and organisations.

  • Participants will also be able to make a business case and communicate using strategic language. 

  • The flow on effects for participants will be the ability to apply strategic thinking skills to problems and issues, confidence in their own strategic thinking, and a better understanding of the strategic needs of their organisation.

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