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Five Day Intensive Programme

Leadership, Strategy, Management

The LEAD Programme

Designed to develop current and future managers and leaders and senior professionals, the LEAD Programme is the comprehensive introduction to leadership that organisations and individuals need.  This general management and leadership programme is suitable for supervisors, team leaders, professionals and managers of all experience levels across all functional areas as well as core operational and strategic areas.  This programme trains participants to think strategically, lead and communicate under stress and plan for the unexpected using enhanced leadership and management skills developed in the course. 


Through our intensive approach, we focus on developing participants' skills, knowledge and understanding of a broad range of concepts, principles of leadership, strategy and management, including leadership theory, emotional intelligence, ethics, strategic thinking, strategic analysis, strategy development, strategy implementation, change management, negotiation, people management, media management, motivation, coaching and mentoring, and continuous improvement.

The LEAD Programme takes a holistic approach to leadership development and provides the opportunity not only for intensive learning in a supportive environment, but also for personal reflection and growth.  Organisations have commissioned the LEAD Programme  on many an occasion to develop individuals, and also to align teams with their organisational goals and strategic vision.  The programme enables participants to look beyond their current role to adopt a future oriented perspective whilst dealing with current issues. Participants are also encouraged to examine the subject of leadership, strategy and management from a whole of organisation perspective, as well as from the perspective of the numerous stakeholders that form part of the organisation's environment.

Participants in the LEAD Programme undertake a major work based project and presentation that is worked on throughout the five day programme.  The major work based project and presentation helps participants to translate the concepts and skills learnt directly into their work, linking the concepts together and gaining a holistic appreciation of all the elements of leadership. 

The LEAD Programme is a fully self contained programme with sessions allocated for individual consultations and presentations.


Session topics include:

1. Understanding the Difference between Leadership and Management  

2. Improving your Leadership through Emotional Intelligence: Understanding Yourself and Developing Your Capacity to Lead and to Follow 

3. Ethics and Leadership 

4. Professional Writing and Presentation Skills  

5. Becoming a Strategic Thinker: a Practitioner’s Perspective 

6. Strategic Analysis: Theory and Application 

7. Strategic Choice and Decision Making  

8. Implementing Strategy and Leading the Strategic Change Process 

9. Negotiation and Stakeholder Engagement  

10. Leading, Communicating and Making Decisions in High Stress and Difficult Situations 

11. Media, PR, Marketing and Technology 

12. Conduct, Performance and People

13. Motivating, Coaching and Mentoring to Improve Morale, Productivity and Performance 

14. Continuous Improvement and Organisational Excellence

The LEAD Programme can be tailored and adjusted to meet the skills and training needs of your organisation. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Please email or call for more information about the LEAD Programme. 

Programme Overview

  • The LEAD Programme

  • Duration: Five Full Days 

  • Description: An intensive general management and leadership development programme.

Who should attend?

  • Potential and future leaders and managers at all levels of the organisation;

  • Experienced leaders wanting to enhance their skills

  • Those with supervisory, leadership or management duties;

  • Those looking to enhance their career development;

  • Those looking for more challenging roles;

  • Those wanting to develop insight into their industry, organisation and role from different perspectives.

Benefits of the Programme

  • Through this intensive programme and the highly collaborative environment, participants are exposed to new perspectives on leadership, management and strategy. 

  • The programme is highly effective, practical and focused on reality. 

  • Participants will have the opportunity to focus on their own personal development, understand their organisations better, and gain an appreciation of a broad range of leadership and management tools and paradigms.  

Learning tools and methodology

  • The programme is an intensive five day programme that is delivered face to face in a highly supportive classroom setting.

  • Cohorts are limited in number to enable collaboration and sharing of experiences in a group setting. 

  • As part of the programme, participants will engage in interactive workshops, role plays, and strategic exercises.

  • Participants will also complete a major report and presentation related to their workplace to consolidate their learning.

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