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Positive Workplaces Programme

Four Day Programme

Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Teamwork, Conflict Management 

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Positive Workplaces Programme
This interactive workshop has been created to help teams and organisations to develop positive, productive and pleasant workplaces through professional development, self-awareness and team development.  It is also an excellent tool for realigning teams following change within organisations. We highly recommend this programme for groups and organisations, as it is best leveraged in a team environment. 

The Positive Workplaces Programme is designed to:

  • Build high performance in individuals and teams

  • Build high morale

  • Foster good leadership and interpersonal communication

  • Build cohesive teams

  • Fix short term and long term problems affecting teams


This programme is designed to enhance participants' understanding of self-leadership, emotional intelligence, team-work, conflict management, and stress-management skills to help further develop current practices, attitudes and behaviour, as well as prepare for future supervisory responsibilities. This programme is suitable to people at all levels of the organisation. 


As part of the programme, participants will be provided with a Team Management System Team Management Profile (TMP).  The TMP provides immediate benefit to participants by giving them personal insight into their own work preferences and the work preferences of their team members. This supports positive communication and mutual understanding for teams and organisations.


The topics covered include:

  • Self Leadership

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Self Awareness (utilising TMS Profiling)

  • Teamwork

  • Conflict Management

  • Stress Management

All Australian Leadership Skills Centre training programmes can be tailored to meet the skills and training needs of your organisation. Contact us to discuss the options and possibilities. 


Please email or call for more information about the Positive Workplaces Programme. 

Programme Overview

  • Positive Workplaces Programme

  • Duration: Four Days 

  • Description: Creating positive workplace environments through shared understanding, communication and teamwork.


Who should attend?

  • We highly recommend that participants should attend this course in a group or team with other people they work with or collaborate with. 

  • It is suitable for people from all levels of the organisations.

Benefits of the Programme

  • Participants are led through self-awareness activities that help them to understand themselves and those they work with.

  • The programme helps participants to build cohesive and positive teams by improving teamwork, communication and understanding.

  • Participants are also trained in conflict management and communication techniques to improve their interpersonal relationships.

Learning tools and methodology

  • The programme is a four day interactive workshop that is delivered face to face in a classroom setting.

  • Learning is facilitated through collaboration, problem solving, and sharing of experiences in a group setting. 

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