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Business People Applauding

Focus on Teams

Teams are essential to all workplaces and through our focus on teams, the Australian Leadership Skills Centre aims to make teams more cohesive, effective and productive. Training and development is an excellent opportunity to bring teams together. Through the training and development process, team members get to understand each other, develop their interpersonal relationships, and reach shared understanding of their team's goals and purpose. 


2 Day Workshop

This is a very different type of workshop for many organisations, which not only teaches about values and values based leadership, but also enables organisations and their people to examine their own values alignment.

Team Meeting

2 or 3 Day Programme

This workshop provides participants with an invaluable opportunity to reexamine and understand the strategic environment of their organisation and industry. Through a comprehensive strategy process participants are immersed in a supportive and guided experience that will provide them and their organisation with shared understanding and strategic insight. 

Business Team

Intensive, 4 Day Programme

Aimed at improving self-awareness, understanding, team dynamics, and team cohesion, this four day programme is great for developing and maintaining happy and effective teams as well as helping teams to build resilience to face the challenges of teamwork. 


1 Day Programme

Using Team Management System psychometric profiling, this short course helps team members develop self-awareness and also develop understanding of their team mates.   

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