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The Values Based Leadership


Two Day Programme

Leadership, Values, Ethics

The Values Based
Leadership Programme

Values can make or break an organisation. This programme strengthens the values of the organisation. It explores values and values based leadership, and enables organisations and their people to examine their values and value alignment within the team or organisation.  It is an interactive workshop that is purposely challenging and thought provoking, and helps facilitate leadership and personal growth for the individual.  It is also an excellent tool for realigning teams following change within organisations. We highly recommend this programme for groups and organisations, as it is best leveraged in a team environment. 

In a highly supportive and interactive environment, the cohort are led through a series of challenging and thought provoking activities which require extensive reflection, discussion and collaboration.  Topics covered include values and values based leadership, ethics and ethical decision making, organisational values and values alignment, effective leadership, empowerment and creating and maintaining a values based culture.


Values and values alignment will be at the core of the programme.  Participants will also focus on values in their own leadership approach, and reconcile their approach with the values of their organisation.

Session topics include:

  • Values Based Leadership

  • Effective Leadership

  • Organisational Leadership and Trust

  • Valuing our People 

  • Doing the Right Thing and Making Right Decisions 

  • Values Based Leadership and Communication

  • Empowerment

  • Developing and Maintaining a Values Based Culture

All Australian Leadership Skills Centre training programmes can be tailored to meet the skills and training needs of your organisation. Contact us to discuss the options and possibilities. 


Please email or call for more information about the Values Based Leadership Programme. 

Programme Overview

  • The Values Based Leader Programme

  • Duration: Two Days 

  • Description: An interactive leadership workshop that helps to strengthen individual and organisational leadership values. The workshop also explores ethics, leadership and values for teams, organisations and individuals.


Who should attend?

  • We highly recommend that participants should attend this course in a group or team with other people they work with or collaborate with. 

  • It is suitable for people from all levels of the organisation.

Benefits of the Programme

  • The programme provides greater clarity to grey areas and develops leaders who are more confident, influential and decisive

  • Participants are exposed to new perspectives on leadership, values, ethics and teamwork in a highly interactive and collaborative approach.  

  • The programme helps participants to understand values, and to align their own values and those of the organisation.

Learning tools and methodology

  • The programme is a two day interactive workshop that is delivered face to face in a classroom setting.

  • Learning is facilitated through collaboration, problem solving, and sharing of experiences in a group setting. 

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