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Colleagues at Work

Practical and effective leadership and soft skills coaching is a speciality of the Australian Leadership Skills Centre. 


Our coaching approach

At the Australian Leadership Skills Centre, coaching is a key aspect of our training approach that we utilise regularly to bring flexibility and focus to training. Our coaching model allows us to provide individualised programmes, tailored solutions, and linkages that normal training regimes cannot cater for. Coaching is also an invaluable tool for addressing issues, such as performance problems or interpersonal clashes.

Utilising psychometric profiling tools such as Team Management Profiling, Linking Leader Profiling and Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Testing,  profiling and 360 degree feedback tools, our consultants work intensively with clients to profile and understand their work preferences, identify areas for development in terms of leadership and management skills, and rectify problems using individualised skills and awareness training.

Our expertise in executive coaching is enhanced by our highly qualified and experienced consultants who come from backgrounds including leadership and executive development, information technology, management and process consulting, government, education and training and academia. The breadth and depth of our people enables the Australian Leadership Skills Centre to draw from this rich talent to devise effective solutions to real-life issues.

Coaching solutions we provide include:

  • Personal Development Coaching

  • Business Coaching

  • Executive Coaching

  • Performance Management Coaching

The coaching process is highly flexible and responsive to individual needs. The process can be implemented over very long time frames or delivered more intensively over a short period.

Contact us to discuss your specific coaching needs and to organise an individualised coaching plan.

Find out more about our coaching tools by visiting our Accreditations Page 

Our Coaching Tools


Team Management Profiling

Team Management Systems

This is a great tool to improve self awareness, and understand the types of work that make up every organisation. 


Linking Leader Profiling

Team Management Systems

This tool provides 360 degree feedback on a range of essential people linking skills.



Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test

From the founders of Emotional Intelligence, this test measures Emotional Intelligence as a skill, helping individuals improve self-awareness, empathy, and relationships.

Train to be a coach and mentor

6 months training programme

Our Leading through Mentoring and Coaching Programme is a guided programme for leaders looking to add coaching and mentoring to their skill set. It is an intensive programme that provides a practical guide to coaching and mentoring.

Case study

We were engaged to solve a pressing problem in a large organisation involving major conflict between a senior manager Bert (not his real name) and many of his peers and bosses.  It had deteriorated to the point there was almost no real communication and zero trust.  Bert was regarded as a ‘rogue’ operator who not only clashed with many colleagues but also exposed the organisation to great risk.  However, in the near past, Bert had been a highly regarded senior manager.


After a long running dispute, performance issues and personality clashes, Bert was facing dismissal. As a last-ditch effort, Bert’s boss put him on a Performance Improvement Plan. Our task was to work with Bert’s boss to analyse the situation, devise a coaching plan and implement it to arrest the deteriorating situation.  Our results exceeded all expectations.


We used several methods to measure what was going on and quantify the facts as much as possible.  The results helped form a clearer picture.  Issues included behaviours which had become ingrained and habits which were very hard to budge. We worked to develop and maintain a high level of trust with Bert.  Through careful planning, coaching and monitoring and persistent work, and setting Bert achievable tasks, we were able to re-programme some of Bert’s negative habits and replace them with positive habits. For example, we tackled communication and making communication with those around him a rule rather than an exception. We also trained Bert to recognise and acknowledge the emotional aspect of interaction and decision making. And throughout the process, we continued to build and maintain trust with Bert, and also between Bert and his bosses and colleagues.


We also worked with his bosses and others to reorient the leadership practices that had become entrenched in parts of the organisation, and to improve these practices so that there was greater congruency between leadership rhetoric, actions, decisions and relationships.


We worked intensively with Bert to turn the coaching into a positive experience, and to help him develop a highly collaborative and trusting relationship with our coaches and his peers and bosses. We helped Bert transform from being a liability and a rogue player who caused chaos, to being a highly valued part of the team once again.  Bert became more motivated about his role and after the coaching intervention finished, he went on to volunteer within the organisation to assist others and provide guidance.  His boss and colleagues were delighted as was Bert himself.  


Working with our clients, we were able to analyse the situation to help Bert and others to understand the underlying issues.  Problematic practices, attitudes and behaviours were modified, and relationships were not only repaired but greatly strengthened.  Today, Bert continues to lead and function at a high level, and has a close and trusting relationship with his peers and managers.

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