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Leadership training is a key focus of the Australian Leadership Skills Centre.  All our training programmes incorporate the essential components of authentic leadership.  As leadership experts, we embed these leadership principles into highly effective and holistic programmes for individuals, teams, and whole organisations. 


Intensive, 5 Day Programme

One of our flagship training programmes, the LEAD Programme is designed to develop the capacity of leaders in a broad range of essential leadership skills and knowledge.


2 Day Programme

The programme helps individuals to enhance their self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communication and other skills, and also build team understanding and awareness.

Colleagues at Work

6 Months Learning Programme

The aim of this programme is to equip leaders with the coaching and mentoring skills and knowledge to effectively coach and mentor others. 

Business Meeting

1 Day Short Course

This short course helps individuals and organisations to further enhance their capabilities and capacities. It builds on existing knowledge and experience to provide participants with a practical edge.


Intensive, 5 Day Programme

This programme helps to future proof individuals and organisations through the examination of advanced and highly practical leadership. Topics include authentic leadership, strategic alignment, futures studies, and strategic risk mitigation.  


2 Day Workshop

This unique workshop focuses on values and values based leadership, and enables organisations and their people to examine their own values alignment.


1 Day Short Course

The perfect short course to introduce the fundamental skills of leadership - communication, ethical decision making, emotional intelligence, and strategic thinking.

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