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Leading  through
Mentoring and Coaching

6 Month Programme

Leadership, Mentoring, Coaching

Colleagues at Work
Leading through
Mentoring and Coaching

In a time of information overload and incessant rapid change, coaching and mentoring have become essential skills for leaders.  A coaching and mentoring approach to skills training allows for continuous development and a hands on approach by the leader to skilling the workforce. 

This programme takes a mentoring and coaching approach to the subject of leadership, imbuing the leadership role with a development mindset.  In undertaking this programme, participants will also undertake a practical workplace based coaching and mentoring project, which will develop their leadership, coaching and mentoring skills.


The facilitators for the Leadership through Mentoring and Coaching Programme will themselves act as Mentors and Coaches for participants, helping participants to develop agile and practical strategies to truly harness the value of coaching and mentoring.

Participants will undertake a major work based coaching and mentoring project to facilitate learning and develop practical skills.  The major work based project helps participants to translate the concepts and skills learnt directly into their work, linking the concepts together and gaining a holistic appreciation of all the elements of leadership. 

Session topics include:

  • Introduction to coaching and mentoring

  • Creating a solid foundation as a coach and mentor

  • Creating partnerships

  • Working towards an agreement

  • Rules of engagement

  • The work of coaching and mentoring

  • Monitoring

  • Communication tools

  • Ethics in coaching and mentoring

  • Review, finalisation and renewal

Please email or call for more information about the Leading through Mentoring and Coaching Programme. 

Programme Overview

  • Mentoring and Coaching

  • Duration: 6 month programme

  • Description: A practical and hands on mentoring and coaching programme with an emphasis on leadership.


Who should attend?

  • Current coaches and mentors

  • Leaders who would like to develop their coaching and mentoring skills

  • Leaders wanting to use a coaching or mentoring  approach to leadership

  • Learning development or human resource development professionals

Benefits of the Programme

  • Participants will be coached and mentored by have the opportunity to focus on their own personal development, understand their organisations better, and gain an appreciation of a broad range of leadership and management tools and paradigms.  

Learning tools and methodology

  • The programme uses a coaching and mentoring approach to instill coaching and mentoring skills and consolidate knowledge.

  • The programme takes place over 6 months to allow participants to undertake a practical coaching and mentoring project in their workplace.

  • Cohorts are limited in number to enable collaboration and sharing of experiences in an online group setting. 

  • As part of the programme, participants will complete a number of sessions, role plays, and strategic exercises. Participants will also complete a major report and presentation related to their workplace to consolidate their learning.

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