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Two Day Workshop

Outdoors Meeting





Negotiation is a key skill for managers and leaders, and one that can make all the difference in times of change and challenge. Being able to not only negotiate but understand the 'ground' on which you are negotiating helps you to leverage the best deals for yourself and your organisation. Successful negotiation requires not only deft communication skills, but also the ability to understand the perspectives of those you are negotiating with and your key stakeholders.

This two day course covers many nuances of negotiation and stakeholder engagement that are often overlooked.  This workshop examines the role of the leader in negotiation and stakeholder engagement. It is a hands on course that uses the workshop format to provide opportunities to learn, role play, and actively develop negotiation skills in a positive learning environment. 

This course involves a comprehensive look at the following:

  • Communication for negotiation 

  • Identifying and analysing stakeholders

  • Understanding the strategic environment

  • Understanding needs, positions and interests

  • Analysing issues and adopting perspectives

  • Exploring stakeholder engagement

  • Persuading others

  • Managing risk

  • Problem solving through conflict resolution and consultation 

Please email or call for more information about the Negotiation Workshop. 

Course Overview

  • Negotiation

  • Duration: Two Day Workshop

  • Description: A practical workshop that takes participants through the key skills involved in negotiation, including communication, strategic perspectives, planning and persuasion.

Who should attend?

  • This workshop will be helpful to most staff, and in particular:

  • Managers, leaders and supervisors

  • HR staff

  • PR and marketing staff

  • Customer service


  • Participants will develop key negotiation skills through an interactive and dynamic workshop environment.

  • Communication, persuasion, planning, stakeholder engagement and other skills will be put into practise through activities and role plays. 

  • Participants will gain key insights into negotiation and also confidence in their skills.

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