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Two Day Short Course

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Project Management

Managing projects requires the coordination of not only people, resources and time, but also of skills. The project manager needs to deploy a myriad of different skills including communication, time management, organisation, persuasion, logistics and leadership.

This structured programme is different from many other project management courses in that it does not espouse a single methodology of project management.  Instead, we return to the principles of project management and concern ourselves with the practical outcomes of project management rather than the maintenance of a branded methodology. 

Some of the topics in this short course include:

  • Principles of project management

  • Focusing on outcomes and setting goals

  • Scoping a project

  • Building a business case

  • Developing and implementing a project

  • Managing and planning resources

  • Leading a project team

  • Identifying, leading and managing stakeholders

  • Managing risks and expectations

  • Monitoring progress and identifying issues

  • Reviewing the project

  • Championing change

Please email or call for more information about the Project Management Short Course. 

Course Overview

  • Project Management

  • Duration: Two day Short Course

  • Description: The principles and basics of project management in a practical and comprehensive short course.

Who should attend?

  • This course is suitable for everyone, but will be particularly useful for those who are in supervisory, project management, leadership or management positions.


  • Participants will develop their own project management approach.

  • Participants will learn project management tools and methodologies. 

  • The flow on effects for participants will include improving their confidence and efficiency in managing projects.

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