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One Day Short Course

A presentation at the office


and Communication


Presentation and Communication


Communication is a basic skill, but also one of the most crucial skills for life. Good communication and presentation skills become more essential as we progress in our organisations and take on leadership and management roles. Without good communication, our leadership will fail or falter and affect relationships with those around us.

This one day course will cover the basics of communication and presentation which are often forgotten. It will help you to rethink your approach to communicating and create a better understanding and awareness of the communication process.  All of us can benefit from understanding and improving our communication approaches, and we can benefit from improved understanding, better interpersonal relationships and less conflict or misunderstanding.  

This one day workshop will concentrate on verbal communication skills and will include presentation skills. 


Participants will be immersed in practical activities that will cover the following topics:

  • Communicating meaning

  • The basics of verbal communication

  • The basics of body language and non-verbal communication

  • Barriers to communication

  • Active listening

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Conversational skills

  • Presentation skills

  • The feedback loop

  • Confrontation

Please email or call for more information about the Presentation Short Course. 

Course Overview

  • Presentation and Communication

  • Duration: One day Short Course

  • Description: By revisiting the basics of communication and presentation, this course helps participants become more effective communicators.

Who should attend?

  • Everyone can benefit from better communication skills.

  • New or inexperienced staff will find this course a robust and comprehensive introduction.

  • Experienced professionals will find this course to be a good refresher and reset.


  • Participants will develop better awareness of the communication process.

  • Participants will have an opportunity to re-evaluate their communication processes and to practice communication and presentation skills. 

  • Better communication habits and awareness will lead to improved confidence, better interpersonal relationships and less misunderstanding in the workplace.

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