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Advanced LEAD


Five Day Intensive Programme

Leadership, Management, Strategy

Advanced LEAD Programme


The rapid pace of global, technological and innovation is constantly changing the work environment, posing greater challenges and complexity than ever before. This programme gives individuals, businesses and governments the edge needed to lead in the contemporary environment. It helps leaders to bridge the gaps and prepare them to future-proof themselves through a transformation in how they think, act, react and plan.  It provides participants with key insights into current and emerging issues in leadership and management.  Participants are able to explore advanced concepts and how they may apply to their current and future roles. 

The Advanced LEAD Programme is designed as a one-week intensive development programme.  The Programme is highly practical and useful, and participants immerse themselves in a hands-on, interactive and participative approach to the study of advanced leadership.  The programme enables participants to build their confidence and skills that will equip them beyond their current role, to allow them to lead more effectively.  For the organisation, this programme will allow participants to adopt a far better understanding of leadership throughout the whole organisation and the industry, and thus enable participants to better align themselves to the goals of their organisation. 

Participants are exposed to group work, case studies, discussion forums, guided readings and literature reviews, lectures, participant presentations, interactive workshops, intensive introspection exercises, role plays, one-on-one consultation, group debriefs, and action-learning exercises.  The programme emphasises personal growth and professional development, and application of theory and problem solving in a highly interactive, practical and hands-on environment within an academically rigorous framework.


The Advanced LEAD Programme consists of the following areas of study:

  1. Leadership and Management: Challenges and Opportunities

  2. Contemporary Leadership

  3. Advanced Applications of Emotional Intelligence

  4. Authentic Leadership

  5. Advanced Leadership Communication Skills

  6. Advanced Leadership Cases: a Cross-Sectoral Perspective – Part 1

  7. Advanced Leadership Cases: a Cross-Sectoral Perspective – Part 2

  8. Leading with Positive Impact

  9. Advanced Change Leadership

  10. Advanced Consensus Building 

  11. Shaping the Organisation

  12. Leading Decisively

  13. The Art of Influencing

  14. Leading and Delivering Results

The Advanced LEAD Programme can be tailored and adjusted to meet the skills and training needs of your organisation. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Please email or call for more information about the Advanced LEAD Programme. 

Programme Overview

  • Advanced LEAD Programme

  • Duration: Five Day Intensive Programme 

  • Description: An intensive leadership development programme to develop advanced leadership skills.

Who should attend?

  • Leaders and managers at all levels of the organisation;

  • Experienced leaders wanting to enhance their skills;

  • Those with supervisory, leadership or management duties;

  • Those looking to enhance their career development;

  • Those looking for more challenging roles;

  • Those wanting to develop insight into their industry, organisation and role from different perspectives.

Benefits of the Programme

  • Through this intensive programme and the highly collaborative environment, participants are exposed to new perspectives on leadership, management and strategy. 

  • The programme is highly practical and focused on reality. 

  • Participants will have the opportunity to focus on their own personal development, understand their organisations better, and gain an appreciation of a broad range of leadership and management tools and paradigms.  

Learning tools and methodology

  • The programme is an intensive five day programme that is delivered face to face in a highly supportive classroom setting.

  • Cohorts are limited in number to enable collaboration and sharing of experiences in a group setting. 

  • As part of the programme, participants will engage in interactive workshops, role plays, and strategic exercises.

  • Participants will also complete a major report and presentation related to their workplace to consolidate their learning.

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