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Local Buy Briefing

Recently we attended a Local Buy briefing for preapproved training suppliers at Local Government House in Newstead. Local Buy is a procurement service used by Local Government in Queensland and also many other State Government and government linked entities to help streamline the procurement process and ensure compliance and standards. Being a preapproved supplier means that we have met all of Local Buy’s rigorous standards to supply training to 77 local governments in Queensland, as well as State Government and many other government entities. As we first became approved in 2020, there were no face-to-face briefings to attend until now, so we jumped at the opportunity to connect up with the folks at Local Buy. It was really helpful to attend, hear about the opportunities available, and explore how to optimise our Local Buy profile for our clients. Thank you to Liz and Michael who facilitated the session and provided so much useful information. It was well worth the time to attend and we look forward to growing our profile with Local Buy.

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